Indian Law

Miller Stratvert has, throughout the years, gained extensive experience in the unique field of Indian Law and related legal services. When a party to a transaction or occurrence is Native American or a tribal entity, issues relating to the application of tribal law, proper jurisdiction, and sovereign immunity typically arise. Federal legislation enacted in the 1970s enable the creation of tribal court systems within pueblos and Indian nations. As a result, tribal courts are becoming more directly  involved in resolving disputes between members and nonmembers of their tribes. Members of our firm are licensed in several tribal courts throughout the state.

Moreover, non-Indian interests in the development or use of reservation resources, and growing Indian participation in commercial enterprises, has greatly increased the number and complexity of contacts between Indian people and their non-Indian neighbors. It is anticipated that these contacts will greatly expand the need for legal services in litigation and commercial matters involving Indian law issues in the years to come, and we are pleased to be able to offer assistance and expertise in this specialized area of law.

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